Unlocking Opportunities for African-Americans in Calvert County

Discover how African-Americans in Calvert County can access resources & services such as housing, food & shelter to build strong communities.

Unlocking Opportunities for African-Americans in Calvert County

Calvert County, Maryland is a place of immense historical and cultural significance, and has long been a haven for African-Americans seeking freedom. The county offers its citizens access to a range of human services, including housing, food, shelter, and resources for veterans. The mission of Concerned Black Men of Calvert County Inc. is to provide a comprehensive approach to services that support and strengthen African-American families, with a particular focus on African-American youth.

The Calvert County Comprehensive Plan is designed to control growth and foster strong communities. To this end, the public archaeology program connects living African-American families with JPPM property sites. Additionally, the county has implemented a policy to link local history and experience to the lives of young people in the area. The tour of Sukeek's Cabin Site is an example of this policy in action.

It seeks to bridge the achievement gap between white and African-American students in schools in the county. The tour continues to an Episcopal church, founded more than a century before the Methodist movement took off in Calvert. Before leaving the cemetery, teachers focus on buildings and other elements of the landscape that demonstrate the continuity of the multiple activities focused on the African-American church, a community center since its founding. The Department of Community Resources works to promote a coordinated and collaborative delivery of human services with compassion and respect to the citizens of Calvert County. They can also act as effective lobbyists for community participation, and they can identify and incorporate communities into the planning process that would otherwise not be heard.

Teachers can also give feedback on the policy; Calvert County teachers recommended to the school board that all new teachers should take a local history course. Archaeologists and interpreters must maintain constructive relationships with tourism promoters to ensure that the content of heritage tourism is accurate, appropriate and managed with sensitivity to the needs of the communities where resources are located. An intuitive solution is to increase expectations by increasing the value of local history and experience. African-Americans in Calvert County have access to a wealth of resources and services that can help them build strong communities. These include housing, food, shelter, resources for veterans, positive role models, social, cultural, educational, spiritual, business and community ties. By taking advantage of these opportunities, African-Americans can create a brighter future for themselves and their families.

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